Inventory of Facts

Inventory of Facts Brief listing of key facts (people, places, events, dates, results, etc.) in case. Statement of Problem(s) Concise statement of a major problem(s) in the case; problems stated as things to be corrected or resolved. Group related problems together. Analysis of Causes. Identification and analysis of all possible causes of the problem(s) in the case. Theory Application I. Identification of all theories or models that might apply to these problems.


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Inventory of Facts
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List of Possible Solutions. Identification of possible solutions to each problem as stated. What objectives are achieved with each solution? Justification of Preferred Solutions: Presentation of a recommended solution and a justification for this choice. You should not present every possibility; rather you should limit yourself to presenting the most convincing, cohesive solution. Choose 3 preferred solutions. Evaluation of Preferred Solutions: What are the implications (positive and negative consequences) if your decision? Theory Application II, Which theories are most applicable in this situation? Why? Use the theory to help you justify your choice of solution. Implementation. How would you carry out your solution? Provide concrete action plans for short- and long-term. For more information on Inventory of Facts check: 


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