Depression with Teenagers

1. Introduction…The Purpose of this paper is…. ( ____/5%)


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Depression with Teenagers
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2. Write several paragraphs describing this condition: cause, incidence, signs and symptoms, treatment and prognosis. ( ____/25%)


3. List all scheduled medications for your patient over last 24 hours. ( __/10%) –> (Table Version)


· List drug

· What classification is this drug?

· Why is it being used for your patient?

· Pediatric dosage range for this drug? Is the dose your patient is receiving is safe (please support with calculations).

· What are possible side effects of the drug

· What are the nursing interventions and considerations when your patient is receiving this medication? Are there any serum lab parameters which must be monitored?


4. What is your patient’s chronologic age? How has this diagnosis affected the patient physically? Cognitively? Developmentally? Compare your patient’s developmental milestones to normal milestones for that age (use textbook and journal articles to support your information). Incorporate Erickson, Piaget and other theorists ( ______/20%)


5. Conclusion…Summarize what you wrote ( _______/5%)

· Additional Instructions:


• Must use a minimum of 4 evidence-based references such as Journal Articles and Textbooks (Use at least 3 journal articles for your paper, 4th reference could be your textbook). References must be current, 5 years old maximum. (WebMD, Wikipedia, Yahoo, CDC, NIH etc. are not considered as evidence-based resources; they are websites).

Depression with Teenagers

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