Main Thesis of a Primary Source

Must be 3-5 paragraphs in response to the questions below
Attached is the Primary source to use. Please do not use any other source. Only the one attached

Identify the main thesis of a primary source and explain how the civilization that produced the source influenced that thesis.
Directly quote three examples from a primary source article and interpret all three quotations
Compare the civilization in the article to our current civilization or your own personal perspective. Reflect on the reason for differences and similarities that you note.

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Main Thesis of a Primary Source
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Requirements for the journals are as follows:

Journals must be typed (no more than 12-pt font) and double-spaced (not triple or quad-spaced). Include a heading with the date, and the class name, HIST 1040. A bibliographic citation (Turabian style) of your selection must also be included in the heading. Do not include your name, because we will do anonymous peer reviews.

Here’s an example of what you’re your heading should look like:

HIST 1040 – Journal #1 – February 17, 2016

[Citation of Source Here

Avoid use of the second person “you” in journal assignments. For example, do not write, “Hammurabi’s Code tells you about the nature of the criminal justice system in ancient Babylon.”

Do write: “Hammurabi’s Code reveals the nature of the criminal justice system in ancient Babylon. ” (This is third person, the standard point of view for a formal essay). For the first journal, use of the second person will be penalized 2 points. For the next journal, 4 points will be deducted, and 6 points for the third.

Your response must be in essay format.

To help frame your journal response

What is the title of your source, and who is the author? (it’s okay if the author is unknown)
What is the type of primary source are you using? (refer to “Primary v. Secondary Sources” handout)
From which era of History did it originate? (use the title of the chapter to which your source corresponds)
What is the main idea, or thesis of your source?
Give three directly quoted examples from the source that support the thesis. Note: You must also offer an interpretation (in your own words) of each quote you select (1 point per quote, 1 per interpretation).
What does the source reveal about the beliefs, values, or lifestyles of the people or of the civilization it came from? (By reading the source, what can you infer about the person or persons, or about the world that produced your source?).
How does your perspective compare or contrast with the view of the world expressed by the author(s) of the source?

Please Note: Try not to compose your essay too clinically or conversationally. Frame your response in a third-person narrative format (never use 2nd person, and limit use of 1st person).

Main Thesis of a Primary Source

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