Microbiology Research Essay

A patient is suffering from keratoconus and is admitted to the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear hospital for corneal transplant. The surgery is unremarkable but five days following surgery some crystalline deposits are seen around the sutures. A scraping from around the sutures is sent to microbiology and the culture grows Abiotrophic spp.

Report Guide: Introduction must cover the conditions of keratoconus and crystalline keratopathy. At least two illustrations are to be included in the introduction.
Method: A description of what tests needs to be performed to both process the clinical samples and then to examine microscopy and culture (this includes identification of cultures and susceptibility testing).
Results: This will include at least two illustrations, one a typical Gram stain finding and a picture of the agar culture growth. You should describe typical susceptibility findings for this organism.

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Microbiology Research Essay
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Discussion: This will be a very important section. It should contain numerous citations and should review the literature for typical culture findings from crystalline keratopathy. Outstanding reports would be critical of the literature.

References: A minimum of 10 references would be expected

Please use Vancouver Referencing Style.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microbiological_Research

Microbiology Research Essay

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