Negative Effects of Rapid Climate Change

Develop a response to the following questions. Ensure you have answered all questions completely. Complete this assignment using complete sentences in a paragraph format, and be sure to check your spelling when complete.

Humans have benefited from an overall warmer climate over the past millennia. However, among the majority of scientists there is deep concern over the changes in climate as a result of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide. Many scientists and non-scientists advocate a rapid shift to energy sources that contribute less carbon dioxide and methane to the atmosphere. (Note: Methane is also a greenhouse gas, its effects on atmospheric warming are greater per molecule, but the warming effects do not last as long). Conversely, there are many politicians and a few scientists who do not think that carbon dioxide emission is a threat to the planet. Some of these people refute the claim of human activity being responsible for change in climate and point to how climate has always fluctuated throughout the life of planet Earth.

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Negative Effects of Rapid Climate Change
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1. Locate a recent (last 2 years) news article related to climate change. Please pick a substantial article, not a short note/news flash, or you will not have enough material to work with to successfully answer the questions. Post the title and source immediately on discussion board so that others do not choose the same article.

2. Summarize the article:

In your summary, be sure to address whether the article is consistent with the view of most scientists, maintains a point of view that climate change either is not occurring or is not important, or makes some effort to “balance” these.
Take a position like the reviewers of the articles you read on the health-news site for Discussion 1. Use their criteria and evaluate the chosen article for journalistic credibility (if you have chosen an actual publication from a peer-reviewed journal then you will evaluate for scientific credibility).

3. What are the major human activities that contribute to carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere?

4. What is the key difference between past climate change on our planet and current climate change on our planet.

5. Which of the many potential negative effects of rapid climate change do you believe will have the greatest economic costs in the U.S.? Which things will have the greatest economic costs in less developed regions of the world?

6. Science can help us understand what is occurring in our bodies and on our planet. What will be done in response to the science depends on political will, and at least to some extent in the Western world, to public opinion. Consider how we allot federal and state resources to disease prevention or cure and use this idea to come up with 5 key things you think our country should do now in response to the current science of climate change. Consider how these funding allotments might affect you now, versus how doing or not doing these things might affect your grandchildren in 20 or 30 years.

Negative Effects of Rapid Climate Change

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