Public Health

Please make a table as in pc1 includes the numbers for social determinants with calculations. follow the instruction in pc2.

Please focus on sentences that need to change or add in yellow color.

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Public Health
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Please fix no. 4a by adding trends for social determinants such as

in the trends need to show 1) does the economic decline in the New York city overtime and think that may be related to whatever trends and chronic conditions that we saw. 2) Did employment rate go down? did income go down? did major industry decline in the area? has food access got worse because economic decline? did alcohol use go up because economic decline? explain what we are thinking(justification)

in no. 4b some ways that think urban planning or developer or policy change could be address these things what we think?

Please listen to the audio lecture too.
Please always put the justification and why you choose this choice.
Please put citation texts and add references in the reference list.
Please make the summary at the end of the assignment.
It’s OK to use the most recent year you can find, within reason. For example, 5 year old data might be acceptable, but 20 year old data would not be.
When responding to questions where we ask for your choice or what decision you would make, please provide some context and reasoning that explains why you made the choice you made. In other words, back up your choice with reasoning and evidence.

Public Health

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