Program Evaluation

you will be analyzing your program to see how closely it follows the principles and pillars of restorative justice. In this summary, you should answer the following questions:

you will be using this link for the assignment, this is the program that you are evaluating: it is call

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Program Evaluation
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1. What is the name of the program and what types of restorative justice model does it follow (FGC, Victim-Offender Mediation, Sentencing circle – etc…).

2. What is the specific structure of the program (you can talk about how a victim and/or offender ends up in the program, who comes to the meetings, what is discussed at the interactions, is there a plan or action or something different at the end?). (Must be two paragraphs for this answer and number 3)

3. How well does this program follow the restorative justice principles and pillars? You should refer to the lectures and reading materials from earlier in the semester to answer this question.
( For this section I have attached lectures and an article that you can compare to the program the article is ouch easier to compare the program too )

here is the link to the article :


Formatting, Grammar and Citations:

Your paper needs to clearly written with an introduction, analysis, and conclusion
Intro: tell readers what you are doing, the name of the program and a brief description
Analysis: see how well the program follows restorative justice
This should be at least 2 paragraphs answering points 2 and 3 above
Conclusion: overall, how well does the program follow the principles of restorative justice?
Grammar – few errors
Citations: APA – use both inline and include your sources (website of the program, readings, or class lectures)
Double-spaced, 11 or 12 point font, Calibri or Times New Roman font
Word Documents Only

Program Evaluation

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