Pediatric Anencephaly

Alterations in Pediatric Nervous System
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You selected an alteration in the neurologic disorder of a pediatric patient. In addition to the text, you may also use additional scholarly resources. Please summarize information from sources used, do not use quotes forty (40) words or longer. Include citations for the sources of evidence (including the text) you summarize from the source. Each paragraph you write should be three (3) to six (6) sentences only. The response to each prompt should be in separate paragraphs with the prompt used as a heading.

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Pediatric Anencephaly
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In your discussion post, respond to the following prompts about the topic you selected:

Discuss the cause of the disorder (ie. Congenital malformation)
Discuss how the diagnosis is made
Discuss the evidence-based medical treatment. For more information on Pediatric Anencephaly check on this:

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