Argumentative Essay

Some questions to consider….. What was TC Boyle’s motivation for writing this book? Do you think this novel can change the way readers view immigrants? Do you think people should continue to read this book? Why or Why not? Purpose of the essay: To write an argumentative essay using the Rogerian style of argumentation.  To use the novel Tortilla Curtain as a source of reference for argumentation To analyze characters, setting, and plot from a novel To relate fiction to real-life circumstances. Requirements: Your essay must use at least three quotes and three scenes from the novel. You must use one from each part of the novel: part one, part two, and part three.

You may use additional scenes and/or multiple scenes from a part of the book if you choose as an additional source.  Your essay must be 4-5 pages, turned in on Canvas. You must use a Rogerian style of argumentation. Please note: You will write a Rogerian method outline and turn it in with your paper.   Students who do not turn in an outline will be deducted 50 points. You must use MLA format and have works cited page. You are only required to use one source for this essay: Tortilla Curtain. For more information on Argumentative Essay read this:

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Argumentative Essay
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