20th Century Writing

Our study includes the years between 1890-1920, the turn of the Twentieth Century. Several issues were affecting everyday life. Understanding context will be important to our study of the literature of this period. Those issues include increased industrialization and urbanization, the effects of reconstruction, the end of westward expansion, and the change in immigration.

Do your research into those turn-of-the-century issues listed in the prompt overview. Then, create a Cultural Context Circle post/based on your research. What did you learn about turn-of-the-century life that you did not know or that you found interesting/enlightening? What surprised you or made you think or do further research? If you were to share this information with a friend, what would be important for you to convey and why? For more information on 20th Century Writing Check: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/twentieth

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20th Century Writing
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