Publicly Traded Company

Pick a publicly traded company from the New York Stock Exchange that is not one of the 30 companies that comprise the Dow Jones Industrial list-see listing provided. Through research on the Internet write a 1000 word paper (not to exceed 1500 words) on this company’s history, products, accounting practices, and financial health.

“Make sure to clearly label each section: HISTORY, PRODUCTS, ACCOUNTING PRACTICES, and FINANCIAL HEALTH. ”

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Publicly Traded Company
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The four sections are self-explanatory with the exception of ACCOUNTING PRACTICES-in this section I want you to take various accounting concepts we have covered in the course and write about how these concepts relate to your company-pick concepts that interest YOU.

The 1000 word minimum must be comprised of only your original writing/thoughts (footnoted material is not to be included in the word count). Make sure to:


– title your post with the name of your company followed by its ticker symbol, its most recent closing price, the words “BUY” or “DON’T BUY” to convey your stock purchase recommendation, and the word count;
– in the FINANCIAL HEALTH section of the paper include a discussion of two financial ratios and include a specific recommendation/state your opinion as to whether it would be a wise company to invest in and why;
– use standard MLA format to cite references (you need to include a bibliography/works cited page); (
– use your original thoughts and opinions to formulate the analysis-DO NOT PLAGIARIZE;
– copy and paste your document into the Discussion Board directly;
– not attach it as a document into the Discussion Board;
– feel free to add images and make it visually appealing (think extra credit);
– submit your research paper (minus the Works Cited page) to (through the WebQuest Research Project Module located beneath the Week 5 Module under MODULES in the left side bar of this page); and
– thoroughly read the instructions to ensure you are following the specific criteria.

“Dow Jones Industrial list
You may NOT select a company from this list.”

(Also Post two replies (minimum of five substantive sentences each) to other students’ WebQuest Project discussion board posts; do not reply before July 27th.)


– This assignment is worth 60 points (50 points for your initial analysis and 5 points for each reply).
– You will be graded on clarity, grammar, organization, and content so PLEASE proofread your work.
– Plagiarized papers (plagiarism match over 25%) will receive a grade of zero and students will be subject to disciplinary action through the college.
– If you are unfamiliar with plagiarism please self enroll and complete the free one hour Canvas online workshop entitled “AVOIDING PLAGIARISM” (Links to an external site.) offered by the LRC here (Links to an external site.) at Saddleback.
– Papers not submitted to BOTH the Discussion Board and will receive a grade of zero.

This assignment is supposed to be fun and low stress! It’s a great way to boost your grade and enjoy yourself in the process!

Good luck! Have fun!


Feel free to be creative!

Incorporate the knowledge you have learned this semester into this WebQuest Project!

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