In-house Diversity

You have recently been assigned as the in-house diversity professional for an organization. This new position has been created in response to complaints about insensitivity and the human resource office’s efforts to prepare the organization for the large employee turnover in the near future due to baby-boomer retirement. You report to the human resource officer, who is supportive, but too busy to meet with you more than a few minutes at a time. The CEO of the organization was very nice during your interview for the position, but now he appears to be aloof and sometimes even a bit hostile towards cultural diversity based on a few of his comments you have overheard. You have an adequate budget, but no staff and a very small office. The first order of business is to put together a diversity steering committee according to what you have learned in your certification course.ACME WRITERS

Question 1

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In-house Diversity
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Is starting with establishing a diversity committee development a good idea? If you don’t start with the committee, where would you start?

Question 2

Is it necessary to get the human resource officer and CEO on board the diversity program? If so, how would you go about getting them excited about it? Please give one or two approaches you would take.

Question 3

What did you learn so far in this course about any personal biases you may have to beware of as a diversity professionalACME WRITERS

Each question should be at least 250-300 words in length. Prepare the assignment according to APA Style Guidelines. An abstract is not required. Prepare at least three cited references to include in your report to support you rationale.

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