Excel Pivot Discussion

For the upcoming discussion and Activity 3.0, you will need to review the following information:

Watch video- https://exceljet.net/lessons/what-is-a-pivot-table (Links to an external site.)

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Excel Pivot Discussion
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*Note, pay attention to the aspect of what information a pivot table can provide.

Review examples of various pivot table uses-https://exceljet.net/pivot-table-examples (Links to an external site.)

Management/Leadership Role Play Scenario-ACME WRITERS

As lead teacher for 4th grade at Round-Up Elementary, your principal has asked you for data on math test scores for the 2019-2020 school year. The following information was requested, the average percentage of the math test scores for each month of the school year (Aug-May). You have compiled the following information from your classroom and that of your fellow teachers on an Excel spreadsheet: Student Lname,Test date month, Test date year, Numerical test score, points available, test score percentage.

Answer the below questions in a discussion board posting

1. Would a Pivot Table be a good way to report the requested information to your principal? Why or Why not?

2. What type of information needs to be put in the Pivot Table to summarize the information for your principal based on the data that has already been collected?

PS: Ideally this part of the assignment only requires you to answer the 2 questions above.

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