Analysis and Action Plan

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT).
self-SWOT assessment and action plan essay
business essays should contain a minimum of five paragraphs.


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Analysis and Action Plan
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The Introductory Paragraph is so important that it should give the reader all the information that they need to know what the entire essay is about.

Topic Sentence.

Body Sentences that describe each body paragraph
Concluding/Thesis Sentence.

The Body Paragraphs need to be logically ordered with respect to presentation of material. For example, pros, cons, general information.

There should always be a minimum of 3 Body Paragraphs in academic and business essays.

The Concluding Paragraph is equally as important as the Introductory Paragraph. If only the Introduction and Conclusion are read, the entire body should become obvious
The Concluding Paragraph should contain:

. First sentence should bring the reader back to the thesis.
. Second sentence should be a BRIEF summary of the essay.
. The remaining three sentences should summarize what you learned, or the ramifications of the material presented

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