Comparison Essay

Comparison of the Nativity Narratives in Matthew and Luke (10%)
• Read the article provided called, “Different Ways of Looking at the Birth of Jesus: Narrative strategies in New Testament infancy narratives,” and the biblical accounts in Matthew and Luke and compare them “horizontally.”
• How are the two accounts different? Why might these differences exist? What are some explanations previously used to explain the differences, and what do you think accounts for the differences?

• There is a comparison table provided that helps you find where some of the differences between Matthew and Luke’s Nativity narratives are.
• Here is a little video from Prof. Helen Bond:
• Here is a little video explaining the differences in the genealogies between Matthew and Luke
Write a 1000-1250 word (double spaced) essay-response (with an opening, body, conclusion, headings, sub-headings, etc.). I am looking for 3 things:
o 1. How are the two Gospels different from one another? (the comparison table will help in this)
o 2. What, in your opinion, best explains these differences?
o 3. Which Nativity narrative is more historically accurate?

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Comparison Essay
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