Reflection and Assessment Paper

The Subject: Counseling 5033B Ethical, Legal and Professional Standards

The Paper is 6 pages and it is a Reflection and Application Paper

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Reflection and Assessment Paper
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Type a 6 Page paper (6 full pages of text, double-spaced) reflecting on the content of the Texas (or other State) LPC Board Rules and Code of Ethics as well as the TX Health and Safety Code Chapter 611 Mental Health Records. The specific standards include, but not limited to, State Licensure’s Code of Ethics, Experience Requirements for Licensure, General Application Procedures, Required Disclosure of Confidential Information, and Right to Mental Health Record. Make sure to cite specific codes including the code number.

The paper should also include the following:

Apply the content to ethical counseling practice including how you will incorporate the professional dispositions in the context of a graduate student and the integration of the Christian worldview.

Paper will include title and reference pages, which do not count towards the page requirement. The paper should include an introduction and conclusion. All papers are to follow APA style and format. Grammar and mechanics will also be graded.

The book I am using is Issues & Ethics in the Helping Profession

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