The Influence of Winning on Mid-Major College Football Attendance


Each student will need to review a peer-reviewed research article on a topic he/she is interested. The topic (Marketing Perspective) of a chosen article may be related to sport facilities, pro sports, varsity sports, high school sports, recreational sports, etc. An article should be selected and reviewed from the following journals.

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The Influence of Winning on Mid-Major College Football Attendance
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1. Journal of Sport Management

2. Sport Marketing Quarterly

3. International Journal of Sport ManagementACME WRITERS

4. International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing

5. Sport Management Review

6. Or other sources upon the instructor’s approval

Then, each student will create a summary report that narrates each of the following:

(1) Background/Study objectives

(2) Methodology/Results

(3) Discussion

(4) Conclusion (Strength/Weakness of article)

(5) References

To complete this assignment, each student needs to briefly summarize the chosen article, and a written report is created. The final written report should consist of 7 sections (see the list above). Basic steps of the assignment may include:

1. Briefly review abstracts in the journals listed above.

2. Choose an article that meets your interest (article MUST contain data; articles in the special issue section will NOT be accepted)

3. Read the entire article at least once to have the overall idea of the article

4. Reread each paragraph to find the theme (I would suggest to take some notes next to each paragraph if needed)ACME WRITERS

5. Create an outline of your article review that is logically flowing with good organization

6. Improve each section based on your editing (#5)

7. Complete the written report

8. Proof reading is strongly encouraged

Evaluation criteria (Comprehensiveness & Detail in terms of):

1. Background & Study objectives ─ 5 pts

2. Methodology & Result ─ 5 pts

3. Discussion ─ 5 pts

4. Conclusion (Strength/Weakness of article) ─ 10 pts

5. Reference ─ 5 pts (compliance with APA, American Psychology Association) guideline

6. Writing & overall layout ─ 5 pts

7. Appropriateness of the topic ─ 5 pts

Other criteria:

· Double spaced

· Minimum of 3; maximum of 5 pages long (excluding cover sheet, tables, figures, and/or reference page)

· Use Time New Roman font with 12

· 1 inch margin in all sidesACME WRITERS

· Do NOT copy and paste

· Please ask the instructor if any of the above information is not clear

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