WALMART INC. is the company you will study and examine the last 10-year annual report (10-K) and recent conference call for the company you selected to work on. You can find the information from the company’s website under investor relation or www.morningstar.com Download data from the last five years for your analysis. Please discuss the following business profile for your company.  You should have a detailed discussion on  1) Its general business description and management and Corporate Governance 2) Industry analysis (Economic drivers, porter’s five forces, SWOT)a. How attractive are the industries in which the company operates, in terms of offering prospects for sustained profitability?

3) Company’s competitive positioning and strategies.  a. What is the company’s relative competitive position within its industry and what is its competitive strategy? b. How well has the company executed its strategy and what are the prospects for future execution? 4) Historical financial statement analysis a. Revenues across products, and locations b. Costs c. Growth d. Liquidity and leverage e. Asset utilization f. Profitability g. Market valuation ratios h. Dupont analysis You should also have detailed discussions on key events, such as merger and acquisition, the breakthrough of the company R&D, key physical investments and/or material legal issues which might impact a firm’s valuation in the last 10 years if they are relevant. Please also download the company’s last three-year annual report data, such as balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement into an excel file. For more information on Walmart read this:

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