Please write a 250-word essay explaining how this scholarship will assist in your academic and career aspirations. Tell us about your educational and career goals and objectives. (Space is limited; be concise.) If you need technical help to complete the essay responses, click the link below. (This will open a new tab or window.) If relevant, please describe how and when any personal circumstances or hardships have made your achievement in school, your work experience, or your contributions to school and community activities more challenging.

(examples: financial or health issues). Please describe an achievement of which you are quite proud, one where your leadership, organization skills, and effort made success happen that benefited others and/or was recognized by others. Describe the situation you encountered, what you did and why, and the results you achieved (avoid an example where your personal physical talent, as opposed to your effort or leadership, was the major reason for success). * For more information on Scholarship read this:

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