Sociology of Families

You will write a 3-page paper analyzing how any two of the social structures we have covered in class (gender, race, class, and sexuality) have shaped the family event or experience you proposed writing about in your Paper Idea. You need not use more than the two course readings you previously identified, but you should refer to more course materials assigned for class as needed. No outside research is required for this paper. To reiterate, you will write about one family event. If you proposed two, select one as the focus of your analysis:
· The event you write about for this paper can be anything from the dramatic to the mundane: a moment of family conflict, a family event such as a wedding, funeral, or family reunion, a change in your family such as a divorce, remarriage, or birth/adoption of a new sibling, a dramatic event involving your family such as a job loss, a major illness of a family member, or even a routine, day-to-day event like a typical morning in your household. You can choose any example you want but be strategic in your choice of event(s).

You will examine your family event using two course readings (additional references to other readings, videos, news pieces, or presentations would make the paper stronger) to help you write a sociological analysis of your family event. This is not a research paper. The goal is to show you can use and apply concepts from the course to analyze your family experiences. Course readings must help you to address at least two social structures (race, class, gender, or sexuality). For more support, refer to presentations from earlier in the semester about race, class, gender, and sexuality that specifically address how to understand these concepts as social structures. We have been doing so all semester, but these presentations provide some clarifications if you need more support. Refer to the rubric for specifics on grading, expectations, and other requirements. Overall, the paper should:

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Sociology of Families
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· Demonstrate your understanding of gender, race, class, and/or sexuality as social structures, not just as identity characteristics;
· Highlight the ways in which these social structures function via processes that happen on several different levels, such as interpersonally, institutionally, etc.; and
· Incorporate specific sociological concepts that have been covered in the readings and class presentations.

Style and Format Expectations
This is a formal writing assignment. The paper must be written in Times New Roman, 12-point font, with 1-inch margins, double-spaced, with black ink. In-text citations must use the American Sociological Association citation style. Refer to the Purdue OWL website for citation assistance (link).For more information on Sociology of Families check this:

Sociology of Families

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