HR Strategy

 HR’s strategy evolving role and its impact on business  In this assignment you will demonstrate your learning from the class that addresses the following areas: Are people always a company’s most valuable asset? How do human resource operations impact a company’s HR business strategy? Discuss the myriad of human resource functional areas (including but not limited to: Recruitment, Training and Development, Performance Management, Compensation, Benefits, Employee Relations, Ethics, and Succession Planning) and how HR can ensure alignment with the company’s strategic priorities. Examine how a company evaluates its strategies and HR implementation. Discuss how companies can leverage diversity to their strategic advantage and provide specific examples/scenarios. Describe the challenges HR professionals face today in a global environment and their evolving role.

 **A written essay 10 pages-not including cover, title, or reference pages Reply to these questions in essay (not Q & A) format. Should contain headings and subtitle which clearly identify each one of these requirements. Try not to use the objective word for word but paraphrase· Include the introduction, a conclusion, and a references page.· Use a minimum of 10 credible sources that are cited within the essay · Include proper citation of any graphs or figures that you do not create yourself.· Be formatted according to the 7th edition APA form and style. If using the essay format For more information on HR Strategy read this:

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HR Strategy
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