This American Life

Questions for this Extra Credit Journal relate to the WBEZ and This American Life podcast episode “We Come From Small Places”: What is J’Ouvert? Where does the celebration of J’Ouvert originate? Why is it celebrated? Imani Brown’s segment:  What does Brown say playing devils (Jab Jabs) in mas represents? Marlon Bishops’ segment: What are the steel drums called? When do the bands begin practicing in anticipation of Carnival?

How has the arranger, BJ, been training the musicians? Ira Glass’s segment:  Ira Glass interviews a group of Haredi (Orthodox) Jewish children and a Lubavitcher Rabbi who live in Crown Heights. How does the Haredi community view J’ouvert and The West Indian American Day Parade in general? Neil Drumming’s segment: Name two reasons why Reishelle Maynard-Richards from the mas camp Ramajay is frustrated with Carnival in NYC. Open reflection- Please share any additional thoughts from this piece that you’d like to share.  For more information on This American Life read this:

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This American Life
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