Hadden Clark

1. Describe Laura’s background: 2. What did police discover that was peculiar about her bed?3. Discuss the path the bloodhound took:4. Was the blood on the found pillow Laura’s?5. What was the name of the chemical that shows the presence of blood?6. Discuss what was found in Laura’s hairbrush?7. Where was a partial bloody thumbprint found?8. Discuss the reasons why Hadden Clark was a suspect:9. Was Hadden Clark’s wig a match for the wig fiber found in Laura’s brush?10. What was part of the plea deal that Hadden Clark agreed to?11. “Now with the new ______________________________ that are helping us out, it allows the investigator to have new tools to help find that little tiny bit of ______________________, that sometimes is there. For more information on Hadden Clark read this: read this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hadden_Clark 

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