MKT 445 Assignment 3:  Reflection – Due Saturday, November 23, 2020Research conducted shortly after Americans began staying home and refraining from shopping except for essential business in March showed significant changes in consumer purchasing behavior.  Read the excerpts from the Sloan Management Review article, “Growth Opportunities for Brands During COVID-19” and reflect on the following questions: Describe yourself in terms of demographics: age, gender, employment status,      geographic location (city or town), and family situation – married/single;      children or not; live alone or not. How has your typical shopping behavior changed over the past 7 or 8 months regarding where and when you shop?  

Include both in-person and online shopping. What items do you now include that you didn’t think much about before the pandemic?  What is less important on your shopping radar? Have you stocked up or hoarded any items that were not urgent before COVID 19? Have you tried new brands when your preferred ones were not available?  How did that work out?Has your retail loyalty changed?  Include food shopping and general merchandise stores, specialty stores as well as restaurant and fast- food purchases and online retailers. What will / did it take for you to feel comfortable with in-person retail experiences?  How about in-person activities such as sports and entertainment, flying, hotels, church, or other face-to-face activities? How much have you been impacted by the COVID pandemic?  Has it changed your brand loyalty or store loyalty over the extended pandemic (specifically old stores you no longer shop from, or new stores you have discovered)? For more information on COVID-19 read this:

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