Patient Outcome Data

As a nurse in a healthcare organization, it has become evident that patient outcome data have been consistently declining in some patient care settings. Some of the outcomes under inspection include patient Hospital-acquired pressure injury (HAPI), (4 % increase in the last 6 months) . You have investigated contributing factors to the declining outcomes and participated with a team approach to developing an evidence-based practice project.

After reading this article Aiken Article titled “The effects of nurse staffing and nurse education on patent deaths in the hospital with different nurse work environment”, PICO: In a healthcare setting, what is the effect of nursing staffing in reducing patient outcomes in HAPI cases? Was developed. Complete the following categories for an EBP project (based on the case scenario above). Use the clinical question that was developed based on the PICO format. Include a minimum of 10 article reviews. For this assignment address, the following areas: Title Page Abstract Introduction Background Problem Statement Purpose of the Project Clinical Question(s) Review of the Literature For more information on Patient Outcome Data read this:

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Patient Outcome Data
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