Personal Supervision Philosophy

Personal Counseling Supervision Philosophy Paper  As you move into your internship and later practice of supervision, you  will be expected to show an immediate level of professionalism. This  paper is designed to help you define your personal philosophy on  clinical supervision. You can incorporate into this paper the lessons  learned from the interview assignment you did in Unit 5 (see attached   file) and the Supervision Professional Disclosure Statement assignment  (see attached file) from Unit 6.   Assignment Instructions  Your paper should show a clear understanding of the purpose you see for  yourself as a clinical supervisor.   Delineate specific theories or models that you will incorporate and  synthesize with your personal philosophy of counseling and your  understanding of the roles and relationships in your supervision  setting.   Examples:  1) Developmental Model & 2) Integrated  Developmental Model.   Finally, include any legal and ethical issues particular to the state of  Michigan practice and any cultural issues that may be involved in your supervision of others.   I include the following in your paper:   Place yourself in an environment where you will be a clinical supervisor— for the purpose of this paper  it will be — This will be  an educational setting working with Master level Counseling students.   What would be your purposes and roles in this situation?  — providing supervision to 3 students enrolled in a Master Level Counseling degree  program. Is there a relationship between this situation and past work environments? —-no   

Present your philosophical approach to counseling including comments from these theories:  person-centered, Gestalt, existential, and  cognitive Personal Supervision Philosophy  ).  What draws you to this approach?  Which theory or model (or theories or models) of supervision attracts you?  —-Please use the Developmental Model and Integrative Developmental  Model  Synthesize your approach to counseling with the approach to supervision as illustrated by the theory or model chosen (as noted above).      How does this personal model of supervision fit with the site where you  envision yourself working? (the site is working with students in a  Master Level counseling degree program)   What might be the conflicts between the roles and relationships in the clinical environment and your approach to supervision?   Discuss any cultural issues for you or the site.    What are the legal and ethical requirements of the site and your  supervision role?   Please use 8 scholarly research articles and cite using the APA 7th  edition. For more information on read this:

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Personal Supervision Philosophy
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