Health Concern

Reflect on your own experiences and observations associated with health in your community. Select one health concern that you feel is important and should be addressed (e.g., chronic disease such as diabetes or heart disease, obesity, violence, unintentional injury, communicable diseases, tobacco use, and so on). Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following: Describe the health concern that you have chosen in your community.

Analyze the difficulties in the community associated with the issue (e.g., social, political, access to care, education and awareness, community resources, and so on). Recommend one strategy that an organization or agency (e.g., local health department, health center, hospital, school, CDC, mental health agency, and so on) should use in addressing the health issue. Assess how the collaboration between these organizations or agencies aligns with current healthcare delivery reforms. Describe the challenges or barriers that might be encountered when implementing your suggested strategy (e.g., financial, ethical, public resistance, lack of resources). *APA STYLE WITH REFERENCES , PICTURES, ETC For more information on Health Concern read this:

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Health Concern
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