News Media

Write a paper of at least 600 words in which you answer the following: What do you think the news media’s responsibility is in providing accurate information to the public? Based on the media you engage with, what should news media’s response be to reporting on “chatter” heard on social media? Do non-news media organizations that have a digital presence, such as a social media account, TV show, or blog, have any responsibility to present accurate and factual information through the content they share?

Why or why not? How does the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution relate to these issues? Cite at least two sources to support your assignment. Use APA format and list the sources on a References page at the end of your document. Include a title page at the front of your document showing the correct assignment title, the course name, your name, and the date consistent with APA format for title pages.For more information on News Media read this:

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News Media
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