Therapeutic Relationship

For this Discussion, review each of the clips in the media Disruptive Behaviors Part One and think about your reactions to the behavior exhibited in the media. Select one particular child or adolescent in the media and think about how your reactions to that child’s or adolescent’s behavior might impact a therapeutic relationship with that child or adolescent. Also, consider how you might transform any negative reactions you may have to the child or adolescent you selected to an appropriate therapeutic response. With these thoughts in mind:

Post a brief description of the disruptive behavior you selected, and explain one way your reactions might positively or negatively influence the development of a therapeutic relationship with that child or adolescent. Then, explain one way you might transform a negative reaction into an appropriate therapeutic response and how. Be specific and use examples. Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the week’s resources. For more information on Therapeutic Relationship  read this:

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Therapeutic Relationship
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