Poem Thesis

****Poem choicethesis in a separate page please**** Instructions for thesis- We are using this journal as a low-stress way to show me what poem you will write your essay about and which 3 to 5 poetic elements you want to use to explicate the poem. Before you send this to me, please make sure you have read the Essay One Instructions thoroughly, so you can choose your poem and poetic elements in context with what the paper is asking. When you send me your proposal, please write the poem’s name and author (format the title correctly please!), and list the elements you will use.  I am going to take a look and send you feedback about the elements you’ve chosen and give you some tips or hints if they need adjusting or there’s opportunity for you to push it all up to another level. You get 25 points just for sending the complete proposal. ___________________________________________________________________ ENG 201  Winter 2021 Essay One – Poetry Please read the instructions carefully and use the required essay structure and formatting.    Proposal due:  Submit your poem choice and thesis by 1/8 (11:59pm) as a Journal entry. (Look in Module One for the link to the journal.)For more information on Poem Thesis check on this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poetry

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