Reflect and Connect Discussion

Purpose: The purpose of this discussion forum is to engage in meaningful discussion, for the duration of the semester, by constructing a learning experience around collaboration as a means to a deeper understanding of the course material.

Lively discussions are among the hallmarks of face-to-face courses and we can easily replicate this valuable learning component in our online course while simultaneously promoting self-efficacy beliefs along with a sense of community!

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Reflect and Connect Discussion
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These forums will be presented in various ways from week to week. Some weeks will include a prompt, a question, or you will have space to partake in free writing.


Respond to the following question:

Select one of the three major sociological perspectives that were covered in this lesson. Discuss how you would use the perspective to study issues of race and ethnicity sociologically.


Be sure that you have reviewed the “Applied Learning Discussion and Reflective Participation Discussion rubric
Be sure to use original thoughts in your writing
Complete posts in paragraph format with complete sentences
Posts should be between 200-250 words only
Replies should only be between 200-250 words (each)


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First post that need a 200 words reply:

The three major sociological perspectives help me to understand some phenomenons that happened in our society; I often observe structural-functionalism appears in society. For example, when we are doing a group project, we learned from each other and we all responsible for a certain amount of works. With everyone’s effort, we produce a whole new thing.

In addition, the quote, “Durkheim believed that earlier more primitive societies were held together because most people performed similar tasks and shared values, language, and symbols,” reminds me of why people with the same race always like to stay together because they share the similar language and value like Durkheim believed in. As a result, individuals with the same race come together and make up a society.

Robert Merton also pointed out that society has many functions such as manifest functions and latent functions. The manifest function of college education allows us to learn new knowledge and prepare for our future careers; the latent functions of college education help us to meet new people and participate in events or activities. Knowing the meaning of structural-functionalism helps, we can study the issue of race and ethnicity before 1960s since this theory was useful during this time period.For more information on Reflect and Connect Discussion check on this:

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