Recruitment Email

Can you write an email to the Auckland New Zealand based film production producer Sarah, about the director Zoey and scriptwriter Malinna now ready to make a short film for Catalyst Programe and now we are looking for a producer to assist Zoey and Malinna. If Sarah can come board we will have a dream team. So three of us can apply for the catalyst funding for the short film called ARCHIPELAGO. (I have attached the full story of archipelago, you need to read the 10 pages story first before you can read this email for Sarah)Basically you will write the email in the following structure, basically, in this email you need to cover:New Year and holiday greeting. and tell her who we are and what we want very briefly like two sentences.Tell Sarah how we find her, even though we never work together before but have heard and seen her work. she is the producer for short film Ani, Fantail. And she is a phenomenal and inspiring female filmmaker who is perfect for this short film.For more information on Recruitment Email  check on this:

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Recruitment Email
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