Critic Article

To use an appraisal tool checklist to evaluate the methodological quality, strength, and weaknesses of the research article. Develop your essay by demonstrating how you critically appraised/evaluated its content using an appropriate appraisal tool checklist.References should be minimally 15 (2016 onwards) can be book/journals etc.To use an appropriate appraisal checklist, such as joanna briggs institute (JBI).Things to note:1) Plan and organisation of assignment – Introduction – Contents – Conclusion. (Always well planned and organised, with a logical structure that develops the ideas in one paragraph at a time, with appropriate transitions between segments.)2) Critical appraisal of selected article using an appropriate critical appraisal tool choose ONE (1) research article for critique. –> use JBI as the image uploaded and answer qns 1-13 with relevant support from references that are reliable and current (2016 onwards) (The critique addresses all elements in the appraisal tool. Always provides a succinct critique with a wide range of selected evidences to support argument all the time.)3) Summary of critical appraisal – What is the quality of this article? – Is the result important? – Can this result be applied locally in Singapore? (All the key points on the summary of the methodological quality, importance of the study result and application of the results to the local setting are covered succinctly.)4) Writing (organised with logical and very clear focus. All paragraphs are very well developed and coherent.)For more information on Critic Article check on this:

DNP Role Presentation

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Critic Article
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