Performance Assessment Approach

You are expected to prepare a 3,000-word written report in two parts: part one of the assignment is a short academic report of no more than 500 words and part two is a longer report, of no more than 2,500 words.

Part one: critically consider and evaluate the role and value of the performance assessment approach (500 words max and 20% of the final marks).

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Performance Assessment Approach
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Part two: incorporating available information, investigate a significant aspect of the recent performance (e.g. investment, management or financial) of an organisation of your choice – private or public sector, profit seeking or not-for-profit and clearly state and justify (from your chosen evaluation standpoint for instance; a shareholder, analyst, employee or manager) the likely consequences of its assessed performance on your future actions (2,500 words max and 80% of the marks).


The report should be word processed in Times New Roman 12 font and in double-spaced format. Relevant back-up data should be contained in an Appendix section which should not exceed 10 pages.

I have chosen Qantas Airlines, I will provide the data to work with from the report from the financial statment database. I have chosen financial ratios such as gross profit ratio, acid test ratio, gearing ratio eg. 10 ratio analysis will do. Please read the instructions carefully.For more information on Performance assessment approach read :

Performance Assessment Approach

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