The Industrial Revolution

Research Paper Assignment GuidelinesClass: Western Civilization 101Assignment: Research PaperStyle: Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) or MLA (Choose one of the two styles)Length: 4-6 Pages from Intro to Conclusion plus an additional page for the referencesFont Size: 12Font Style: Times New RomanDouble-SpacedMargins: 1 InchBibliography are required for this Paper.If you choose CMS you will need to complete your paper using footnotes. If you choose MLA you will be using in-text citations.Assignment must be submitted to the instructor in the proper submission post during the final module.Topics for this paper can come from your textbook or topics covered in class. Instructor approval for topics is required before research can begin.Below are some helpful links you should use to assist you in writing this paper.For more information on  The Industrial Revolution check on this:

DNP Role Presentation

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The Industrial Revolution
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