Thesis statements

Analysis of two textsplease read attached instructions carefully1.The essay should hAVE introduction ( of two textes, with the presentation of two authors and the name of the texts).2. Thesis statements incorporating two texts ( thesis should have 2 sentences : first sentence should have an argument for both textes, comparison, and the second sentence should have all my three claims for the whole essay)3. Body paragraph (First claim ) incorporarting two texts and the connection between texts( the paragraph should have an evidence (make a quote , then discuss WHAT is being said, WHY is that important , and HOW it supports your thesis4. Second paragraph claim -quote-What-WHY-HOW5. third paragraph -3rd claim -quote-WHAT-WHY_HOW6. conclusion Each paragraph should have comparison of two texts for more information on Thesis statements check on this:

DNP Role Presentation

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Thesis statements
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