The Glass Menagerie

Read “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams, Scenes III-IV.(The play is available on the Internet. When you search: The Glass Menagerie pdf, you will get a number of versions. Please read the version at so that we can be on the page when we discuss the play. When you answer the questions, please note the page numbers.)​Scene III1. What does Amanda do to make “that extra money” and why? What does it say about his personality?2. Why do Amanda and Tom fight over a book? Who is D. H. Lawrence?3. What does Tom think about his job? Why?4. “I’m going to the opium dens…,” Tom tells Amanda. What does this long monologue say about Tom’s personality and his dreams?5. Tom points to his father’s picture in his argument with Amanda. What point does he want to make?Scene IV6. According to Tom, what was the “wonderfullest trick of all” that the magician performed? Why? In what way, is the coffin a symbol?7. Amanda wants “sacrifice” from Tom. Is this a reasonable request?8. According to Tom, why does he go to movies so much? How does Amanda respond? Who do you agree with more? Why?9. Tom and Amanda reach an understanding at the end of the scene regarding Tom’s future. What is it?for more information on The Glass Menagerie check on this:

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