Modern Human Behavior Primary Source

here is the essay stuff the teacher is asking for
Your midterm for this course will be an essay drawing from information located in topics 3, 4 and 5. The body of your essay is to include and cite evidential support only provided in this course. If sources outside of what has been provided are used in the essay, I will not accept its submission for a grade and a 0 will be issued. What specific content/sources should show up in the body of your essay? The following are recommended.
Topic 3 Presentation: Cognition, Language, and a Cultural Species (relevant content) Article: Neanderthal Extinction and Modern Human Behaviour
Primary Source: The Cave of Altamira
Topic 4 Presentation: Cultivation and its Consequences content (relevant content) Article: Biological Changes in Human Populations with Agriculture
Primary Source: Çatalhöyük Field Report
Topic 5 Presentation Part I: The Rise of Complex Societies Primary Source: The Law Code of Hammurabi
In writing your essay it is important to be organized and thus outlining your ideas before writing is critical. Your writing should be of an academic nature and should have logical transitions between the introduction, body, and conclusion. Your body paragraphs should include narrative and evidential support from the course content. Below you will find how your essay should be specifically formatted and what it should in include.
I have included a worksheet for the essay in this packet to help you organize the examples and content your will use in the essay’s body. I have filled out the first column for you so that you can model the other columns after it. It is located at the end of this packet.
Finally, you have a copy the rubric I will use to evaluate your essay also included in this packet at the end.
Be sure to contact Ara or I should you have any questions or need any assistance in writing your essay.
Everything you need to address the essay has been provided to you in this course. However, every semester for what every reason I have some students who cut and paste content from external sources contrary to the assignment instructions and fail to cite these sources. Please understand the impact of doing this. I am required by the college to report plagiarism as it is academic dishonesty. Once a report is filed, it goes into your academic record where four-year colleges and universities will become aware of it. This can have dire implications for one’s academic future. Always reach out to your instructors if an assignment is not clear or if you need support. Both Ara and I are available to you to assist you with this assignment. Contact us and let us know how we can help.

if you choose to do this contact me and I can send you everything u need to get ur info from.

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Modern Human Behavior Primary Source
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