Cultures in America

Essay one: foundations:describethe rise of native cultures in america before 1250. What caused precolumbian civilization to decline? What were the characteristics of algonquin and iroquoian cultures? Tell me how spanish colonization north of mexico eventually succeded and how it transformed north america? Essay two: colonial america: tell me what infuences in england and the new world shaped the development of the southern colonies into conservative slave societies. Tell me how puritan idealism shaped new england society. Describe new england’s resistance to the stuarts between 1630 and 1689. Essay three: royal america: tell me how the decline of puritanism, rise of constitutionalism and the threat of france and spain integrated the colonies into the british empire. How did immigration, population and economic growth, the enlightenment and great awakening and the rise of colonial assemblies begin to transform the english colonies in the 1700’s?for more information on Cultures in America check on this:

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Cultures in America
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