Moral Sense Test

Triple-Loop LearningKnowing that you are doing things right is important. However, knowing that you are doing the right things is also important.In the field of healthcare, you must understand from where your decisions are being made. This helps remove unnecessary bias which could otherwise impact the decision-making process.Let’s take the previous concept and examine more closely the process of knowing how you decide what is right.In this discussion, you will examine how you make decisions. Likewise, you will examine why you make the decisions that you do. This week is important because it begins to build the theoretical framework for your ethical decision-making ideology. You will need this later in the class when you explore and adopt an ethical decision-making model.First, begin by familiarizing yourself with the following article:Ondo, K. M. (2018). The application of triple-loop learning on ethical decision-making. Purdue University Global. HA550 Unit 3 Reading Resources.Second, complete the Moral Sense TestIn the discussion, address the following:Discuss your findings from the Moral Sense Test.Do you agree or disagree with the findings?How do you decide between right and wrong?How can you take this week’s discussion topic and apply it in the real world?Reference:for more information on Moral Sense Test check on this:

DNP Role Presentation

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Moral Sense Test
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