Obesity among HCP

Explain how the following question is in PICOT format and delve into why it is an important question and how it affects the subjects.Question to be utilized:For an overweight/obese healthcare professional, how does a training regimen improve morale , health and job performance in comparison to non-complaint HCP within a timeframe of 8 weeks.P:Overweight/obese HCPI: Education along with Exercise and nutritional regimenC: Non-compliant overweight/obese HCPO: Boost of morale, better job performance, lowering risk of developing health conditions, reducing BMIT: 8 weeksReferences should be no older than 5 years.for more information on Obesity among HCP check on this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obesity

DNP Role Presentation

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Obesity among HCP
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