Fictional Scene

Choose one of the following prompts to get you started (and let me know which prompt you used when you post your work):1. Write a place poem: “Yellow Light” is a place poem. Location location location. Sometimes it takes precedence over the action in a poem – the poem revolves around its setting. The trick is to find ways to energize the landscape, filling it with vibrancy and life, engage with it like you would a character. Hongo brings life to the poem through contrasts (nature and urban images, nostalgia mixed with anger/violence).Write a poem where the setting is the focus. The place doesn’t need to be the focus of every word in the poem, but it should be way more than a backdrop. The place has to determine the poem, even if that place is the leaping off point to something new.How to start? Write for 15 minutes about a room or a place in which something has happened. Use the details of the room/place itself to tell the story, rather than any characters doing action.2. Take another look at “A Bullet in the Brain.” Reread the long list of what Anders “did not remember” in that final moment. Try writing a fictional scene where you describe someone entirely in negatives: what they do not do, do not look like, what they do not remember; how they do not look, dress, sound, etc. Your goal here is to let us know who this character is through this description of what they are not.3. Play with the repetition used in “Girl.” Write your own scene where one character scolds another with a specific list of complaints. Can we (the readers) get a sense of who these characters are through such a list?for more information on Fictional Scene check on this:

DNP Role Presentation

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Fictional Scene
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