Intercultural Communication

Ensuring global collaboration: Proposal for Opal Mart store staff in intercultural communicationExecutive SummaryTo succeed in a high cultural environment, intercultural competence is necessary. A lack of cultural knowledge will result in a loss of business, a failed job assignment, poor customer relationships, employee turnover, and ultimately wasted time and investment.Our program offers an intercultural communication program that specifically targets your company’s concerns, needs, and wants. It is based on theoretical and practical approaches ensuring participants are equipped with sufficient knowledge and high-quality and all-rounded interpersonal skills. It is grounded on the participants’ needs, interactive techniques and practical relevance. This 5-day training course covers every aspect needed to unpack intercultural barriers such as self-cultural awareness, acknowledgment of others, valuation of cultural differences, identification and avoidance of stereotypes and appreciation of other cultures. We will provide you with a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges of having intercultural communication in the workplace based on our experience and expertise. The training runs a total of 20 hours, 4 hours each day.CommBridge is more than capable of assisting your company in achieving intercultural competence through effective training techniques. Our company aims to create bridges that connect employees to more robust, more efficient, and effective workplace communication. We strive to establish meaningful global collaboration for every client we handle; thus, in CommBridge, you are well-handled.BackgroundAs globalization continues to be omnipresent in the world of business, so do the challenges of interacting with people from different cultures daily. CommBridge’s Intercultural Communication Training Program is designed to address these development needs.Having a high culturally diverse workforce poses significant challenges in how employees work and communicate with each other. An approach that is effective in another culture is not necessarily applicable to the other. Such differences can quickly contribute to miscommunications and conflicts between teams, eventually causing the company to lose time, resources, and people.Given the sheer scope of intercultural communication and the risks of ignoring and being unaware of these cross-cultural differences, it is only appropriate that employees learn corporate communication dynamics. To allow successful and professional performance across cultures, inclusivity must provide all employees with the requisite global competence (Hargie & Tourish, 2009).The intercultural communication training program of CommBridge will unpack the five phases of successful internal communication that are concrete and easily accessible global strategies that will help reduce the risks and obstacles posed by cross-cultural work at Opal-Mart.Scope of the trainingThe training is specifically designed for Opal-Mart’s store staff. It has been mentioned that the company experiences miscommunications among its employees. This program will not only enhance the communication skills of the participants but will also improve their interpersonal skills. Employees’ communication and interpersonal skills will influence whether or not they advance in their careers. An essential element of workplace growth, therefore, is investing in enabling employees to communicate effectively across different cultures. Doing so will increase their rank position as an Opal-Mart employee. for more information on Intercultural Communication check on this:

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