Book Analysis And Reflection

Using the text, Have a Nice Conflict, analyze a personal conflict you have experienced in the last12-18 months. Follow these steps:Step 1: EXPLAIN: Briefly EXPLAIN the conflict (who was involved, when, what the issue was,what exactly was said or done to create the conflict.)Step 2: ANALYZE & EVALUATE: ANALYZE & EVALUATE the conflict using the core principles ofanticipate, prevent, identify, manage and resolve (as outlined in the textbook). Include thefollowing as you reflect, analyze and evaluate the conflict:• SDI & Motivational Valueso Discuss your MVS, how does your unique colour (my color is blue and green, see file 2 for more information) show up in this conflict? Where doyour strengths or weaknesses (my strength are: trusting, helpful, caring, supportive, and fair. my weakness are slow to act, unconfident, and not forceful. For more information see file 2) show up in the conflict?o What about the other person/party – what might their motivational value systembe? Please give an example.o What do you think were the intentions or motivations of the other person/party?What were your primary motivations or intentions in this conflict? Provide anexample to illustrate.• Was the conflict resolved?o If YES explain the resolution and evaluate the result.o If NO discuss what you could do to resolve it or even if it can be resolved.Provide examples to support your ideas.Step 3: RECOMMENDATIONS: Based on what you have learned in the book, online lectures,activities and your own SDI assessments (File 2, my strength and weakness are listed above in brackets, and my color is blue and green), answer the following in your recommendations:1. What 1-2 key things did you learn about yourself as you look back at this conflict?2. What 1-2 key things might you did differently in future conflicts? for more information on Book Analysis And Reflection check on this:

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Book Analysis And Reflection
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