Data Structures

Demonstrate defining, loading, printing and storing a Multidimensional ArrayList.Just as the elements of an array can be defined to be arrays themselves (thus makingmultidimensional arrays), so can an ArrayList be defined to contain elements that arethemselves an ArrayList (thus making multidimensional ArrayLists).1. Define a multidimensional ArrayList named seats to hold the status (available,taken) of seats in a theatre.a. There are three dimensionsi. The seating levels (main floor, 1st balcony, 2nd balcony).ii. The rows on a given level.iii. The seats in a given row.iv. Define seats as an ArrayList of levels where each level is an ArrayListof rows and each row is an ArrayList of seats (thus the 3 dimensions).b. Since the status can only be two values, the data type is Boolean.2. Initialize the ArrayList so that all seats are taken except the first seat of each row.a. True = seat is taken; false = seat is available3. Display the ArrayList by seating level on screen.4. Store the ArrayList by seating level to a file using PrintStream (recall from section for more information on Data Structures check on this:

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Data Structures
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