Visual Analysis

write a visual analysis (minimum 250 words; maximum 375 words) that examines ONE of the videos (listed below) from Sue Williamson’s series of video installations, There’s something I must tell you (2013).Pick one of the videos from There’s something I must tell you (2013):‘Amina and Luiza Cachalia’: Length: 6:18‘Caroline Motsoaledi and Busisiwe Khatibe’: Length: 5:32‘Vesta Smith and Tammy Leigh Lodge’: Length: 4:49‘Rebecca and Mpumelelo Kotane’: Length: 4:36‘Ilse Fischer and Thandi Lewin’: Length: 7:05‘Brigalia and Busiswa Bam’: Length: 6:46Using only the video lectures and Sue Williamson’s series, examine your chosen video by discussing:Who is in the video installation?Summarize the conversation taking place between the two individuals in the video.CompositionHow many screens are there and how are they arranged?How are the people portrayed on the screens?How is this video similar (in terms of content and/or formal elements) to other works by Sue Williamson?Specifically, reference Truth Games series (1998) and A Few South Africans (1980s), which are discussed in Images of Apartheid.Discuss at least 2 similarities.Since your visual analysis should only draw from the video lectures and Williamson’s series, you do NOT have to include citations. for more information on Visual Analysis check on this:

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Visual Analysis
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