History Reflection

watching Benjamin Wigley’s Paa Joe and the Lion (2016), you were asked to keep the following in mind:Contexts in which coffins are commissioned and usedBritish public’s reactions to Paa Joe and Jacob’s coffin-making and attitudes towards deathThe funeral for Paa Joe’s mother (the family’s preparations for the funeral, coffin-making, burial)The unveiling of the lion coffin and ceremony in the National Trust’s Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire, UKAfter watching the film, write a response (minimum 250 words; maximum 375 words) that fully addresses the prompt below.Prompt: For your response to the discussion question, pick 1 of the topics (e.g. “Contexts in which coffins are commissioned and used” etc.) listed above. In your response, discuss:Your initial reactions and/or thoughts to the filmHow does the film address, illustrate, or make use of your chosen topic?Be sure to discuss at least 2 examples from the film for your chosen topicWho do you think is the primary audience for this film? Why?Optional: any questions that came up for you while watching this film for more information on History Reflection check on this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historical_Reflections

DNP Role Presentation

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History Reflection
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