Global Innovation

Question: – Historically, the USA and Silicon Valley have been at the heart of global innovation. The attached article argues why it might no longer be the case. You are an entrepreneur and a hopeful leader of a new company. You have an idea and some of your funding. You have been offered a Green Card to the USA, but you are not sure whether you should stay in your home country, move to the USA or look for another country. Do an analysis of the linked article and then make a recommendation to yourself based on your knowledge of other locales or just your home market on whether or not you would move to the USA to start the business. Explain why. Executive Summary 250 words2. Problem identification and scope 300 words3. Case Analysis 600 words4. Recommendations 200 words5. Conclusions 150 wordsAPA 7th EditionAtleast 4 ReferencesAtleast 1500 words for more information on Global Innovation check on this:

DNP Role Presentation

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Global Innovation
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