A Historical Time Line

you will select primary sources – the number you will complete depends on your contracted grade – that you think represent your country’s history, and write short introductions analyzing them for the broader public. 250-400This project is designed to let you research one Latin American country in greater depth, placing key events in its national history within the wider context of Modern Latin America. In addition, you’ll develop your skills of historical research, the evaluation of primary sources, and the digital communication of your analysis to a broader public.I need you to write two time line.Your primary source analysis must:Present a primary source that relates to a historically significant artifact, person, institution, or historical eventConsist of 2-3 well-written paragraphs (about 250 to 400 words)Concisely summarize the primary source and its contextAnalyze the author’s argument, point of view, method, and audienceConnect the source to specific events from the country’s historyMake a strong argument linking the primary source to the broader Latin American historical period (Nationalism, Neocolonialism, etc.)Present relevant examples to support all claimsIndicate all sources of information (whether quoted or paraphrased) with clear citationsBe clear and easy to follow, with a logical structure and well-written paragraphs for more information on A Historical Time Line check on this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline

DNP Role Presentation

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A Historical Time Line
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