Medical Diagnosis

Medical DiagnosisMedical diagnosis of the clientNursing DiagnosisWrite the complete (2 or 3 part) nursing diagnosis that the teaching plan will support.Barriers to LeeringIdentify at least 2 barriers to learning specific to the client.1.2.Learning GoalWrite one broad learning goal that supports the needs of the client based upon the nursing diagnosis stated above.The client will be able toLearning ObjectivesWrite two SMART learning objectives that promote achievement of goal and support the nursing diagnosis as stated above.1. The client will be able to2. The client will be able toIdentify at least two content topics you would teach the client. Identify one instructional method for each content topic AND provide a scholarly rationale (APA cited) why you selected this activity. Provide one method of evaluation you would use to determine if the patient learned the content.Content/Topic(What you want to teach)Instructional Activity & Cited Rationale(How you plan to teach & Why)Evaluation Technique(How would you determine learning occurred?)References for more information on Medical Diagnosis check on this:

DNP Role Presentation

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Medical Diagnosis
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